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At last week’s Republican National Convention, many noted the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) ill treatment of Congressman Ron Paul’s delegates. While supporters “chanted ‘Point of Order’ and ‘Let Him Speak’”, the GOP effectively rewrote its rules and cleared the way for the “coronation of the now-official Republican nominee for president – Mitt Romney.”1

When House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) called for a full delegation vote about the rule changes, Congressman Paul’s supporters were very vocal in noting their displeasure. Senator Boehner however noted support for these changes which led to a chorus of “boos and shouts from Paul supporters.”2

Ten of 24 Maine delegates were replaced by the RNC at the convention, effectively preventing Paul’s name for nomination, prompting the state’s Governor Paul LePage to boycott the proceedings.3

While all this was anticipated by Paul at the We Are the Future Rally prior to the convention, it is noteworthy that Governor Romney has been silent about these issues. In case you missed it, here is a video mash-up of the shenanigans perpetrated at the convention.

YouTube Preview Image

If this is indicative of the Romney/Ryan ticket this fall, it will likely be “politics as usual” if they are elected.


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