Survival Chainsaw

A survival chainsaw is another good tool to have in your “bug out bag” (B.O.B.). Since axes, hatchets, and saws can be heavy and somewhat unwieldy to carry, a flexible saw or chainsaw that weighs around five to six ounces is an excellent alternative.

Survival chainsaws typically have a chainsaw-type blade attached to two handles. They are fairly easy to use. Just position the blade around whatever you want to cut and then use the handles to alternately pull the blade across the surface.

We found ours at County Comm for under $20. It is made of “high strength, heat-treated steel” and is rust resistant, about 28 inches long, and has bi-directional teeth. If you’re ever in need of cutting firewood, trimming branches, or clearing heavy brush in an emergency, a survival chainsaw is the tool for the job. You can even use a chainsaw sharpening kit on it!

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