Ann Romney Responds to Hilary Rosen

In a recent interview, Ann Romney responded to a statement by Hilary Rosen, a Democratic political strategist and LGBT activist. Below is the short video clip in which Rosen responds to questions by Anderson Cooper, a journalist and anchor of the popular CNN news show AC360.

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Of course, what irked conservatives was the statement that Mitt Romney’s wife “has actually never worked a day in her life.” Ultimately, Rosen went on to state, Romney “just doesn’t really see us as equals.”

Some trace the history of women’s rights to ancient times. Others trace the basic conflict between patriarchy and matriarchy to the beginning of recorded history.

Regardless, below is Ann Romney’s response to Hilary Rosen.

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And the conflict continues . . .


  1. kevin’s avatar

    Democrats shot themselves in the foot.

  2. joe e.’s avatar

    the usual “class warfare” mantra from the Progressives, divide & conquer so they believe? joe

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