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Recently, Ron Paul’s strategy to attract as many G.O.P. delegates as possible was recently aired on The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC. Here is her interview with Doug Wead, a presidential historian, philanthropist, and Ron Paul supporter.

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Under the G.O.P.’s delegate selection process, there are 2,286 delegates to the Republican National Convention, of which 1,144 are required to clinch a majority. Although a candidate may win the popular vote in a state, a candidate may or may not garner the majority of a state’s delegates.

In fact, state delegates can be broadly separated into “hard” and “soft” categories1, largely determined by a state’s party rules and procedures. “Hard delegates” are formally bound to a candidate on the first ballot at the convention, whereas “soft delegates” do not affirm the same commitment.

Ron Paul’s supporters are banking on the fact they will have a larger number of delegates at the convention than presently envisioned by the main stream media’s political pundits. In another 182 days that will be determined at the Republican National Convention to be held in Tampa Bay, Florida at the end of August.


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