Good Vibrations

Visual Spectrum Suzanne Freeman suggested that thoughts of heavenly things produce what could be called “good vibrations.”

In August 1999, Suzanne had an ectopic pregnancy and nearly died. She later recounted her story in hope that it would help others learn of the Savior’s love and concern for each individual. Concerning good vibrations, she wrote:

In basic physics, you learn about molecular vibration. All energy has a vibrational level, and some things vibrate faster than others, sort of like varying wavelengths of different colors of light. If you’re thinking more of earthly things than heavenly things, it keeps your vibrations lower and you’re not on a heavenly plane.1


  1. Freeman, Suzanne and Shirley Bahlmann. Led by the Hand of Christ – A Woman’s Journey to Paradise and Back. Provo, Utah: Spring Creek Book Company, 2004. 135.

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