Constitution to Hang by a Thread

The “constitution to hang by a thread” is a statement often attributed to Joseph Smith. The following is the “only known contemporary account of this well-known prophecy of Joseph Smith.”1

After reading a chapter in Ezekiel, the parable of the 12 olive trees in D&C 101:44-62, and referring to the Redemption of Zion, he said:

Constitution and the U.S. Flag

We shall build the Zion of the Lord in peace untill the servants of that Lord shall begin to lay the foundation of a great and high watch Tower and then shall they begin to say within themselves what need hath my Lord of this tower seeing this is a time of peace &c—Then the Enemy shall brak come as a thief in the night and scatter the servants abroad when the seed of these 12 Olive trees are scattered abroad they will wake up the Nations of the whole Earth Even this Nation will be on the very verge of crumbling to pieces and tumbling to the ground and when the constitution is upon the brink of ruin this people will be the Staff upon which the Nation shall lean and they shall bear away the constitution away from the very verge of destruction—Then shall the Lord say go tell all my servants who are the strength of mine house my young men and middle aged &c come to the Land of my vineyard and fight the battle of the Lord—Then the Kings & Queens shall come then the rulers of the Earth shall come then shall ail saints come yea the Foreign saints shall come to fight for the Land of my vineyard for in this thing shall be their safety and they will have no power to choose but will come as a man fleeth from a sudden destruction—But before this the time shall be when these who are now my friends shall become my enemies and shall seek to take my life and shall be m there are those now before me who will more furiously pursue me and the more dilligently seek to my life and be more blood thirsty upon my track than ever were the Missouri Mobbers You say among yourselves as did them of old time it is I & is it I  But I know these things by the visions of the Almighty.2

In May 1843, James Burgess reports that Joseph Smith said the “Constitution and Government would hang by a brittle thread”:

In the month of May 1843. Several miles east of Nauvoo. The Nauvoo Legion was on parade and review. At the close of which Joseph Smith made some remarks upon our condition as a people and upon our future prospects contrasting our present condition with our past trials and persecutions by the hands of our enemies. Also upon the constitution and government of the United States stating that the time would come when the Constitution and Government would hang by a brittle thread and would be ready to fall into other hands but this people the Latter day Saints will step forth and save it.

General Scott and part of his staff on the American Army was present on the occasion.

I James Burgess was present and testify to the above (James Burgess Notebook, Church Archives).3

The following are statements made by various leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on this topic in the 19th century.4

In 1854, Brigham Young stated:

The progress of revolution is quite considerable in every government of the world.  But is the revolution for the constitutional rights of the people in progress?  No: it is on the retrograde.  I know how they can be brought back to the people, and the Government be redeemed and become one of the most powerful and best on the earth.  It was instituted in the beginning by the Almighty.  He operated upon the hearts of the Revolutionary Fathers to rebel against the English King and his Parliament, as he does upon me to preach “Mormonism.”  Both are inspired by him; but the work unto which they are called is dissimilar.  The one was inspired to fight, and the other to preach the peaceable things of the kingdom of God.  He operated upon that pusillanimous king to excite the colonists to rebellion; and he is still operating with this nation, and taking away their wisdom, until by-and-by they will get mad and rush to certain destruction. Will the Constitution be destroyed?  No:  it will be held inviolate by this people; and, as Joseph Smith said, “The time will come when the destiny of the nation will hang upon a single thread.  At that critical juncture, this people will step forth and save it from the threatened destruction.”  It will be so. With regard to the doings of our fathers and the Constitution of the United States, I have to say, they present to us a glorious prospect in the future, but one we cannot attain to until the present abuses in the Government are corrected.5

Orson Hyde said in 1858:

Now, in relation to the Constitution of the United States, I want to speak a few words.  There is a great deal of sacredness attached to the Constitution of the United States by this people:  that is all right and good.  The Constitution is well enough, and so is anything that serves the purpose for which it was created, provided that purpose be a good one.  It was designed and created with a good intention.  If it serves the purpose and end of its creation, it is good; and when it has served the end of its creation, the purpose and design of the Almighty are accomplished, and I do not know that he has any more particular use for it.  He may then lay it aside as a relic to be respected and honoured for the good it has done, for aught I know. It is said that brother Joseph in his lifetime declared that the Elders of this Church should step forth at a particular time when the Constitution should be in danger, and rescue it, and save it.  This may be so; but I do not recollect that he said exactly so.  I believe he said something like this–that the time would come when the Constitution and the country would be in danger of an overthrow; and said he, If the Constitution be saved at all, it will be by the Elders of this Church.  I believe this is about the language, as nearly as I can recollect it. The question is whether it will be saved at all, or not.  I do not know that it matters to us whether it is or not:  the Lord will provide for and take care of his people, if we do every duty, and fear and honour him, and keep his commandments; and he will not leave us without a Constitution.6

Brigham Young stated in 1868:

And I tell you further, Elders of Israel, that you do not know the day of your visitation, neither do you understand the signs of the times, for if you did you would be awake to these things.  Every organization of our government, the best government in the world, is crumbling to pieces.  Those who have it in their hands are the ones who are destroying it.  How long will it be before the words of the prophet Joseph will be fulfilled?  He said if the Constitution of the United States were saved at all it must be done by this people.  It will not be many years before these words come to pass.  How long will it be before they will be coming here for bread, for the bread of life, and for the bread which sustains the body?  Do you know this?  You do not.  This community live as it were from hand to mouth.  They must learn to lay up food.  Notwithstanding all that has been said to the people on this subject, not one man to thirty has bread sufficient to last him one year.  As our mechanics are paid, they might have laid up their hundreds if not their thousands a year.  Brethren, learn.  You have learned a good deal it is true; but learn more; learn to sustain yourselves; lay up grain and flour, and save it against a day of scarcity.7

In 1879, John Taylor said:

And then the day is not far distant when this nation will be shaken from centre to circumference.  And now, you may write it down, any of you, and I will prophesy it in the name of God.  And then will be fulfilled that prediction to be found in one of the revelations given through the Prophet Joseph Smith.  Those who will not take up their sword to fight against their neighbor must needs flee to Zion for safety.  And they will come, saying, we do not know anything of the principles of your religion, but we perceive that you are an honest community; you administer justice and righteousness, and we want to live with you and receive the protection of your laws, but as for your religion we will talk about that some other time.  Will we protect such people?  Yes, all honorable men.  When the people shall have torn to shreds the Constitution of the United States the Elders of Israel will be found holding it up to the nations of the earth and proclaiming liberty and equal rights to all men, and extending the hand of fellowship to the oppressed of all nations.  This is part of the programme, and as long as we do what is right and fear God, he will help us and stand by us under all circumstances. Therefore, Latter-day Saints, fear God; work the works of righteousness; live your religion; keep the commandments and humble yourselves before him; be one, and be united with the holy priesthood and with each other, and I will tell you in the name of God that Zion will rise and shine and the power of God will rest upon her; and her glory will be made manifest, and we will rejoice in the fulness of the blessings of the Gospel of peace; and the work of God will go on and increase until the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of our God and his Christ, and every creature in the heaven and on the earth and under the earth will be heard to say, Blessing, and glory, and honor and praise and power, might and majesty and dominion be ascribed to him that sits upon the throne and to the Lamb for ever and ever.  Amen.8

The same year, John Taylor stated:

The Prophet Joseph Smith said that “The Constitution of the United States was given by the inspiration of God.”  But good, virtuous and holy principles may be perverted by corrupt and wicked men.  The Lord was opposed by Satan, Jesus had his Judas, and this nation abounds with traitors who ignore that sacred palladium of liberty and seek to trample it under foot.  Joseph Smith said they would do so, and that when deserted by all, the elders of Israel would rally around its shattered fragments and save and preserve it inviolate. But even this, good as it was, was not a perfect instrument; it was one of those stepping stones to a future development in the progress of a man to the intelligence and light, the power and union that God alone can impart to the human family.9

In 1881, George Q. Cannon said:

. . . the day will come–and this is another prediction of Joseph Smith’s–I want to remind you of it, my brethren and sisters, when good government, constitutional government–liberty–will be found among the Latter-day Saints, and it will be sought for in vain elsewhere; when the Constitution of this land and republican government and institutions will be upheld by this people who are now so oppressed and whose destruction is now sought so diligently.  The day will come when the Constitution, and free government under it, will be sustained and preserved by this people.10

On another occasion in the same year, George Q. Cannon stated:

It seems like a very strange thing to say, but on all proper occasions I say it with a great deal of pleasure, at home and from home, that I have been taught from early life that the day would come when republican institutions would be in danger in this nation and upon this continent, when, in fact, the republic would be so rent asunder by factions that there would be no stable government outside of the Latter-day Saints; and that it is their destiny as a people, to uphold constitutional government upon this land.  Now, a great many people think this is a chimera of the brain; they think it folly to indulge in such an idea; but the day will come nevertheless.  There are those in this congregation who will witness the time that the maintenance of true constitutional government upon this continent will be dependent upon this people, when it will have to be upheld by us.11

Leaders and members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints attach a special significance to the United States Constitution. Based on the statements above it is apparent that one day the Constitution would hang by a thread or that the country would be in danger of being overthrown. What is less clear is when this time may come.


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  1. Dustin’s avatar

    President Benson also alluded to this idea of saving the constitution in the 20th century – “Our Divine Constitution” November 1987 Ensign.

    What have other church leaders said about it?

    Why has there been so much said and taught about this prophecy when it was documented so vaguely? Whenever people refer to it, I cringe just a little and wonder why it is given so much weight (especially since it seems that the main point is somewhat abstract). Should I even believe any speculation that stem from the prophecy?

    Would you elaborate your thoughts about this well-known but little-documented prophecy? Please help me put this into proper context.

  2. Greg’s avatar

    Hi Dustin – These are particularly difficult questions. I believe that perhaps the best place to start is at the beginning. In other words, with the statements and teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith and then work your way forward.

    The History of the Church contains much valuable information as does Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Building upon that foundation, you then may want to become familiar with The Words of Joseph Smith: The Contemporary Accounts of the Nauvoo Discourses of the Prophet Joseph from which the account above is taken.

    The Words of Joseph Smith is unique among all these volumes since it “presents for the first time the original accounts of all Joseph Smith’s public discourses given during the Nauvoo period” (Words, p. xvi). Although at present it is very costly to obtain – I saw a copy on Amazon the other day for $243 – I believe Andrew F. Ehat is working on the third edition which will soon be available. Each and every footnote in that volume is enlightening.

    I’m not quite sure what you mean when you wrote that you “cringe just a little and wonder why [the prophecy] is given so much weight.” And I don’t think I can address “any speculation that stem from the prophecy”. But in addition to the above sources, you may want to research the history of the Council of Fifty and the context in which that council was created – see also Daniel 2:44-45.

    My own thoughts about this prophecy are that it is just as important today as when it was given. Perhaps even more important. The idea that the “Constitution to hang by a thread” is amplified in some of the links on the main page of this site under “Freedom & Liberty”. See especially the many quotes by the Brethren on the Constitution and the United States form of government at the Inspired Constitution (a favorite is in their Online Books section – Prophets, Principles and National Survival) and the Latter-day Conservative.

  3. Chris’s avatar

    I think if you are prepared, truly prepared, you will see the signs as they come. They come “as a thief in the night”; not as a single event but as a series of events. First we have to understand the Constitution and what it stands for – which is not necessarily what the government stands for. Second, we need to be aware of the actions of the those in power. Then we will notice that the Constitution is losing power even as we sit here.

  4. Greg’s avatar

    Hi Chris – thanks for your comments. While reading Crisis and Leviathan recently, I came across this interesting statement about Participatory Fascism that may be of interest to you. And like you, I believe the signs of the times are a “series of events” as Charles W. Penrose wrote about in Second Coming. Lastly, I think it noteworthy that the statement “if ye are prepared ye shall not fear” is in the same revelation in which the Lord told the Prophet Joseph Smith that he intended to endow his children with “power from on high” (for more information on this subject see the tag Endowment).

  5. Spebyneerie’s avatar

    Nothing seems to be easier than seeing someone whom you can help but not helping.
    I suggest we start giving it a try. Give love to the ones that need it.
    God will appreciate it.

  6. Tony Rigby’s avatar

    Chris–I wholeheartedly agree with your comments. I too believe that the Constitution is losing its power and that it is dangerous to presume that the government is always operating under its influence. Along those same lines, I find this quote from Bruce R. McConkie of particular interest: “Because of iniquity and greed in the hearts of men, there will be depressions, famines, and a frantic search for temporal security sought without turning to the Lord or obeying his precepts. We may expect to see the insatiable desire to get something for nothing result in further class legislation and more socialistic experiments by governments…” One need not look very far to note the fulfillment of these very words and see the relationship they hold to how far we have deviated from the vision of our founding fathers on so many fronts. I apologize, Greg, if I’m opening up a can of worms here.

  7. Greg’s avatar

    Not at all Tony. I find your comments and the statement by Elder McConkie to be very appropriate. Some day we will see the fulfillment of these things.

  8. Justin Martyr Jr’s avatar

    Constitution hangs because of those working towards a One World Government, New World Order!

    In short, the constitution is now hanging by a thread, because of those who seek to establish the super state with in the “One World Government,” called the “North American Union.” This, according to the globalists, is to be like the “South American Union,” & European Union. The laws, money system, consitution, bill of rights, economics, trade, etc., will be changed as it is thus placed under a world court system, world health organization, world banking system, “world economic order,” or New World Order. The United Nations’ arm forces progressively built up, while the nations are disarmed, are so done, since 1961 plans presented to the UN; nations thus disarmed so as to “not be able to challenged the progressively strengthened United Nations Peace Force.” (See: Ezra Taft Benson’s BYU Devotional talk: Veitnam: Victory or Surrender, given during the Nam war. He also mentions how Joseph Smith prophesied the constitution would hang by a thread, & that the prophet at that time said, “we are very near that time.”) You can hear parts of this talk on You Tube, Justin Martyr Jr.: New World Order, Christian Orders, Masons & Mormons series, see parts 2-3, etc. And documented sources & documentary evidences in this series & others by Justin).

    LDS Apostle, Ezra Taft Benson, Vietnam – Victory Or Surrender,(Provo, Utah: Brigham Young University/Electronic Media Department, Recording Operations Section/Room E-366 HFAC; BYU Devotional address given during the Vietnam war, tape K1389

    Check out this link list page of documentaries too:

    Constitution is Hanging by a Thread, Joseph Smith was Right

    Also, watch Alex Jones, End Game at plus other documentaries there.

  9. jillprimeg’s avatar

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  10. minnickup’s avatar

    Thanks for the forum. There seems to be a never ending supply of great information on the net. I love learning new stuff, and will be back to read forum posts regularly! Thanks again.

  11. sue maxwell’s avatar

    In order to understand this subject and its relevance to us we need to be familiar with the Old Testament. Moses did not just receive 10 commandments from God. He received an entire legal system by which to govern the Israelites. It is perfect and if one studies the commandments ( personal) statutes ( the laws used to govern the nation), judgements ( blessings and cursings), ordinances ( the ritual to run the tabernacle) testimonies ( various things that were testimonies of the Lord’s power) we would be more knowledgeable as to the origins of our government and what people lost their live, sacred honor, money and much more for establishing this nation.

    When we say that the law of Moses was ended with Christ, it was really the commandment contained in the sacrificial ordinances that were no longer necessary, and there are several verses in scripture that are phrased that way. The governmental laws were not canceled, and were used by the Nephites, also. There were laws of sanitation, also, that if were known in the 1800′s would have spared many lives. There were laws covering many aspects of life, as they had come out of an unclean society.

    The founding fathers were students of the OT. They understood this legal system and studied it; and a study done by Dr. Donal S. Lutz and Dr. Charles S. Hyneman revealed that 34% of the focus for designing the Constitution came from the Book of Deuteronomy.

    They also knew that some day we would be governed completely under God’s law. Jefferson wanted to institute it completely at that time, but knew it was not possible.

    Before I joined the church I had read these laws in the OT quite extensively and had read a book about the subject. They are just- if a man stole a sheep, he had to return two; if he killed it on purpose he had to return 4. Murder was punishable by captital punishment if it was done purposefully, and an alternative punishment was banishment from Israel. If you killed someone unintentionally then you could run to cities of refuge before a family member tried to get to you first. There you received a fair trial. If you did not put a fence around a hole in the ground ( today a swimming pool perhaps) and someone’s cow fell into it and died- you repaid the victim with a certain amount of cows. There were many laws, and the principles are relevant to our present society, as they are principles.

    The laws were set and the judges just administered them. They were case laws, and there were many, and have modern equivalents. They were not to change them, or alter them, but uphold them as they came from God.

    When Christ rules, there certainly must be government in the Millenium. There must have been government when the Nephites had total love and peace among them. There always needs to be a way to prosecute wrong doers- and protect the victims. Now the opposite occurs. The victim suffers and the perpetrator gets put in jail where we pay for his upkeep- crazy system we have now.

    When the Northern Kingdom of Israel “disappeared” at the Black Sea, after release from Assyria, and the Anglo-Saxons “suddenly appear out of nowhere,” the Anglo-Saxons had the exact same laws. Jefferson learned ancient Anglo-Saxon to study their laws as they were forming ours.

    A BYU professor pointed out that actions made by the UN are also a way to destroy the Constitution of this country. They become precedents in nations.

    If we would familiarize ourselves with the origins of our Constitution, if lawyer and government leaders did that, then we would not have trouble. Our trouble is that we don’t understand the origins of what we have and what a great gift it was to us. I know that one prophet said that if we lose our rights, it will take blood to get them back. I think a concerted effort to study these basics, which can be found in the OT, in The Majest of God’s Law and The Making of America, by Cleon Skoussen, as well as other very good books, we might have a better idea of what is going on and what we need to do.

    So. to salvage the Constitution, we first need to understand its origins, and how it was to be managed, then we can recognize what has been and is being changed. Then we can salvage it. But we must read the OT and books that explain these things to do it before we can expect to rescue the remains of what ever is going to be left of it after it is very quickly being torn apart.

  12. sue maxwell’s avatar

    please excuse my typo errors- always the last letter seems to disappear. Sue

  13. Tony’s avatar

    Let’s go with this statement:

    Kim Farah, spokeswomen for the LDS church, issued this statement:
    Jan. 26, 2010

    “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is politically neutral and does not endorse or promote any candidate, party or platform. Accordingly, we hope that the campaign practices of political candidates would not suggest that their candidacy is supported by or connected to the church.

    “The so-called ‘White Horse Prophecy’ is based on accounts that have not been substantiated by historical research and is not embraced as Church doctrine.”

    The White Horse Prophecy was allegedly given by LDS church founder Joseph Smith. According to accounts, Smith states that “the U.S. Constitution will hang by a thread” and that the elders of the LDS church will step up and save it.

  14. Greg’s avatar

    Thanks Tony. As noted in the text above, this is the only known contemporary account of this prophecy and is not the White Horse prophecy. Please refer to the extensive footnotes in The Words of Joseph Smith.

  15. Dwight C. Hansen’s avatar

    This week I heard Rush Limbagh announce that, because of the 5-4 decision in the high court, that now as he said: the constitution, hangs by a thread. I thought it was interesting that he announced this seeing that he probably has no knowledge of this prophecy.
    (I am referring to this weeks decision 5-4 upholding the second ammendment.

  16. sue maxwell’s avatar

    Since there is so much on the net about our church, it is possible that he could have read about that belief, but that is very interesting. I get numerous, well informed daily emails about what is going on and I would say it is getting depressing to read about it all. The other day I heard the President slamming the Bible, and saw a photo of him praying in a Mosque. Things do not look very good and I know that one prophet said that if we lose our freedom it will take our blood to get it back.

  17. sue maxwell’s avatar

    I am not sure which section this remark goes on but I know the government is going to try to take over the web. The other day I saw the first hint of this. There was a Google news article about Obama that was not very encouraging and people were responding with their thoughts on the subject. Each email response had next to it a ” report abuse” option. So anyone who did not like what you said, could report you. Shades of Russia and other Communist countries.

  18. michael’s avatar

    I’m convinced that those “other hands” that the country will be about to fall into is the secret combination mentioned in Ether.

  19. sue maxwell’s avatar

    I was just thinking the same thing the other day; and there are a variety of groups involved, but it is the church of the devil that combines many groups who are anti. Sue

  20. Dwight C. Hansen’s avatar

    In Malachi Martin’s provocative work “The keys of this Blood” about Pope John Paul II, he says that there are many groups, all termed “Piggyback Globalists” who are willingly co-opted by whatever entity that appears to have the ability to take the reigns of “global governance”.

  21. sue maxwell’s avatar

    I was just rereading President Benson’s talk called A Witness and a Warning. And again, my main concern is that the members of the church do not understand the true origins of the Constitution, so how can they save it? One must study Deuteronomy, and books like The Majest of God’s Law, by Cleon Skoussen, and The Making of America, as well as study the lives of the Founders and their words. This is my greatest fear- that we will lose, not just because the nation is not serving the God of this land, but we are ignorant about the knowledge our Founders had. So now we are being walked all over by anti-Christ leaders and some are loving it.

    President Benson reminds us that we are a land of destiny and that all of America is Zion. It is such an excellent talk, and timely, as he warns about secret combinations.

  22. Greg’s avatar

    The Federalist Papers are a good source of information.

    Soon, I hope to post an article about the use of the word anti-Christ in the Book of Mormon.

  23. sue maxwell’s avatar

    There are many good sources of information, and all should be read. If you do enough reading, you will learn that a large percentage of our government came from the Book of Deuteronomy, that our Founders knew that we were of the House of Israel. Jefferson actually studied ancient Ango-Saxon inorder to read their laws, so he could understand the implementation of them better; he knew that the dispersed Northern Tribes of Israel suddenly disappear at the Baltic Sea and the Anglo-Saxons appear out of nowhere in the same place. He recongized that their laws were the same as those given to Moses to govern Israel by. He also wanted us to be able to have the entire system of statutory laws, but knew it was not yet possible.

    If you understand these laws you can also better understand the laws in the Book of Mormon, as the Biblical law would be their basis for establishing a judicial system.

    Only the laws contained in the sacrificial ordinances were fulfilled by the Savior during his Atoning sacrifice. The rest remain in place.

    I recommend looking at the program at George Wythe University to get a good idea of books to read.

    I would also like to recommend a book little known, but whose author I met, and which book is mentioned in a book by Pres. Benson. It is called The Making of George Washington, by General William H. Wilbur, and is the only book written about the upbringing of Washington. He told me he wrote it “because the world needs Washington again.” It is a most remarkable book and is available through Patiotic Education Inc. We do need Washington’s again and we need Washington himself- his example, his insights, his great knowledge and courage.

  24. Joe’s avatar

    Our beloved Constitution is dead. Obama says it’s irrelevant. Literally he said that he can decide he can go to war against Libya based on UN authorization and that he doesn’t even have to ask if his act is constitutional or not.

    Yes, it is dead. I don’t even think that point is debated among those with eyes open.

    We can continue to fight for freedom, and now the defacto leader is Dr. Ron Paul, champion of the Constitution, and greatest American patriot since E.T. Benson and Barry Goldwater, and maybe Larry McDonald.

    But must surely come to pass is what is prophesied in 3 Nephi 7 via a type. Our nation’s government will be overthrown and the people will divide into tribes.

    THIS is how the prophecy of John Taylor will be fulfilled. Folks will divide up, and I believe the gathering to MO will really pick up, and THERE will the Elders of Israel be found holding up the rule of law, and THERE will people of all faiths go to seek peace and shelter.

    Will you be a leader, a constitutional and scriptural scholar, to lead the people and be an inspiration?

    Right now the Lord is not calling patriots to positions of leadership virtually anywhere in the church. I can’t speak for the GA’s (though NOBODY impresses me to be the next Ezra Taft Benson), but I do know that local leadership (bishops and stake presidents) are as deceived and confused about the true principles of Government, what true Liberty is, and who really rules this country and world (the owners of the Federal Reserve).

    So get ready. Get healthy, read your scriptures, prepare your food, and prepare to be called by the Lord Jesus Christ when He shall once again open the mouths of His servants to preach deliverance from the evils of tyrannical government.

    For now, you can watch idly in church, like Mormon did, as the wheat and tares grow together.

  25. sue maxwell’s avatar

    I just saw an old video of a talk by Pres. Benson about the dangers ahead from Communism. He said things would get very difficult and that we might have to lose blood to regain our freedom, but that he was confident that the American Flag would be flying when the Savior returned. So I do not feel hopeless, just want to get rid of that maniac “leading” our country to its demise.

  26. Greg’s avatar


    Really? Maniac def. “1. A person exhibiting extreme symptoms of wild behavior, esp. when violent and dangerous: “a homicidal maniac”. 2. An obsessive enthusiast: “a gambling maniac”.

  27. sue maxwell’s avatar

    Oh well, it was a subtle way of saying what I really think, that he is definately a Marxist and very dangerous- not violent, but subtlely dangerous like a snake- as are all of his cronies.

  28. Joe’s avatar

    “Maniac” is a fine descriptor to use: “Any intemperate or overly zealous or enthusiastic person: a maniac when it comes to details”(

    If he is not rapidly, with no restraint, and with reckless abandon destroying our liberties (even faster than George W.), then I don’t know the meaning of intemperate and overly zealous.

    B. Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetero, is just doing the bidding of his masters.

    The question is still out as to whether the American people will rise up in opposition. He can bomb Libya, even worse than the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, and yet it’s not a “war” because we have no ground troops. Just ask the soldiers who were attacked in Pearl Harbor if that wasn’t an act of war.

    One good indication of where America’s fate lies is to look to see if Congress will support the anti TSA bill proposed by Ron Paul. If he can’t get that passed, and instead Americans’ representatives choose to allow the TSA to grope and sexually molest and violate the privacy of travelers, then we’ve probably reached the point of no return towards absolute tyranny.

    Even the Nazi’s weren’t doing this type of out-in-the-open, in-your-face physical probing and groping of innocent Germans.

    Perhaps the only way to get the forces of good awakened is for an dictator to give the orders to begin imprisoning and executing dissidents.

    Remember, 40 millions Russians were killed by their gov’t between 1925 and 1940, and 60 million Chinese were murdered by their government, of course by a benevolent leader.

    It can’t happen here! They say. “All is well in Zion.”

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